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Pamela Salem as Professor Rachel Jensen in the Doctor Who episodes ‘Counter-Measures In the 2016 magazine special issue of ‘THE ESSENTIAL DOCTOR WHO - INVASIONS OF EARTH’ there is an interview with Pamela Salem and script writer John Dorney. Doctor Who - THE NEW COUNTER MEASURES - WHO KILLED TOBY KINSELLA? The plucky group that helped the Doctor defend the Earth in Remembrance of the Daleks has returned in Counter-Measures, an audio series from Big Finish. INTERVIEW BY SIMON GUERRIER It’s 1963, and opposing factions of Daleks are battling it out on the streets of east London. Caught in the middle of this conflict, the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) team up with two scientists – Professor Rachel Jensen (Pamela Salem) and her assistant Allison (Karen Gledhill). Meanwhile, Group Captain Gilmore (Simon Williams) of the British Army evacuates the area, and to avoid mass panic he keeps it low key. He doesn’t tell the people of Shoreditch there’s an alien invasion, instead making use of the peace- time nuclear accident provisions under the aegis of the Counter-Intrusion Measures, United Kingdom. The Daleks are defeated, and the Doctor and Ace discreetly disappear. Gilmore, Jensen and Allison form a specialist Counter-Measures group to investigate strange phenomena and prevent further invasions... That last bit by the way, happens off screen, in a series of audio adventures. “Ben Aaronovitch wrote such fully formed characters in Remembrance of the Daleks,” says Big Finish producers David